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Home Dilapidations

Most commercial tenancies will contain obligations about the condition of the property. Interpreting these obligations, and understanding the implications if they are not met, requires specialist advice if a dilapidation claim is made.

This means using an advisor that not only has a detailed construction knowledge of properties but also an understanding of the many legal issues in this complex area of law.

How William Martin can help

We have considerable experience of successfully dealing with interim and terminal schedules of dilapidations and 'want of repair' claims and all of the related negotiations between landlord and tenant.

We provide property owners and occupiers with strategic advice identifying approaches to suit the particular liabilities and circumstances of each case - whether during a lease or after its expiry.

We often act as part of the client's professional advisor team together with asset managers, lawyers and specialist tax consultants.

We comply with the best practice detailed in the RICS Dilapidations guidance note, the Civil Procedure Rules 1998 and the Property Litigation Association's Pre-action Protocol. These documents aim to make dilapidation claims more efficient and speed-up the resolution of disputes.

Our services have been applied to many building types. These include industrial, retail and commercial units where Section 18 valuations (concerning the diminution of value) and Part 36 offers (concerning offers to promote a settlement of a dispute) have been successfully used by our clients.

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