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No matter how hard everyone tries on a project, some kind of dispute will often happen.

Obviously, it's best to try to resolve these issues before they escalate. But when this isn't possible and the situation starts to become more formal and legal, you may want to appoint an expert that is independent and that has absolute integrity.

How William Martin can help

Our chartered professionals are often appointed as expert witnesses as a single joint expert (representing both parties) or on an individual basis in property and construction disputes.

Our appointments are varied and explore the factual circumstances of a dispute - whether it's a building defect, a repair/maintenance problem or a lease obligation issue etc - with the aim of resolving the dispute before things escalate to legal proceedings.

Where these are unavoidable, our expert witness reports comply with the Civil Procedure Rules and are ready for use by the courts.

If necessary, we can attend court to help the it reach judgement.