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We recognise that following a disabling injury, suitable accommodation and surroundings have a major effect on a person's quality of life. Suitable and appropriate accommodation is likely to be a cornerstone in the rehabilitation process.

Based on 20 years of experience, our understanding of these sensitive issues enables us to design and produce bespoke solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients.

How William Martin can help

We regularly provide expert opinion on accommodation issues arising from personal injury and medical negligence litigation.

Through working with injured parties, their families and medical and care support teams, we have developed a detailed understanding of a client's needs following serious injury.

Where alternative accommodation is considered necessary we are able to assist by undertaking property searches to identify properties which might be adapted to meet our clients current and future needs.

Properties can often be thought inaccessible on first inspection. Drawing on our years of experience our sensitive and creative solutions can produce adaptations which meet the specific requirement of the injured person without the need to relocate.

We recognise that accessible accommodation is a critical factor in the rehabilitation process alleviating frustration and anxiety for people adjusting to the constraints arising from their injury.

Our specialist team will work with the client and their legal and care team to produce tailor made solutions and deliver a home which will provide our client with the maximum of independence.

We work independently, or together within a team of care and medical professionals to achieve a bespoke solution for our clients.

Inclusive Homes and Workplaces

Our team has extensive experience of designing the appropriate adaptations and procuring the building work necessary to meet the post-injury needs of our clients.

Our specialist team regularly produce schemes to adapt existing properties or design purpose built, new build properties to address our client's needs within the home and work place. Our team has extensive experience in designing environments which overcome barriers to mobility and provide unimpeded circulation in both the home and workplace.

Suitability Assessments

Our team carry out suitability assessments of existing properties and make recommendations in respect of adaptations. If required, we can procure the adaptation work and project manage the contract through to completion.

Inclusive Work Spaces

We work with employers to create accessible workplaces and provide advice on employer duties under the Equality Act 2010. We make recommendations for adaptations to assist Disabled Employees and visitors needing to access and occupy a property. If required, we are able to procure and manage the adaptation works through to completion.

Willaim Martin - Personal Injury

Willaim Martin - Personal Injury